In Part 2, you will learn updated best practices in targeting, lookalike audience building, and set up a multi-creative ad campaign from start to finish!

You'll learn creative planning best practices along the way as well.

Don't worry if you don't have a campaign to launch or a budget to spend at this time.

Consider this workshop a rehearsal for the real thing when you are ready.

What you'll need for the workshop:

  1. Access to your theatre's META Business Suite or Business Manager

2. A Meta Ad Account set up.

3. Three creative assets (just to use for practice):

  • a 1080x1080 square graphic
  • a video (under 2 minutes, please)
  • a Reel video or photo montage (under 30 seconds please) (1080x1920)

4. Caption copy for your ad.

This workshop is 90 minutes.